Research Funding

The University is always seeking to increase its investment in research, recognizing that pertinent and applicable research is critical to the development needs of the country.

Research funds come from a variety of sources.

Research Publications

Research Publications Green Hope University is exploring different ways to disseminate the variety of research taking place at the University. The University is currently piloting two research publications outlets: Stay up-to-date, learn more, and make better decisions through research and publications about the challenges and opportunities in higher education IT.

Research Agenda

Green Hope University has developed a focused research agenda that is multi-disciplinarily and draws on the University’s vast expertise.

Research proposals that focus on a specific problem that may cut across several disciplines are given priority in funding.

Because of the scientific questions and the public concern regarding the potential health effects from electromagnetic fields (EMF), several countries have funded research programmers and, in some cases, set up foundations to sponsor studies relating to this topic.

Research Projects

A variety of research projects are taking place across the University. In the following section, we highlight some of them. ARA/ SICT/ Support of Capacity Building for Research

ARA/SICT support of Capacity Building for Research

Green Hope University with support from ARA/ SICT/ has undertaken several research projects in the Faculties of Medicine & Health Science, Economics & Management Science, Criminology & Security Studies, Engineering & Computer Science.