Green Hope University is a privately owned university with linkages within and outside the country and it is accredited and recognized by the ministry of Education; culture and higher education .The University was established in 2006 based on the community needs for higher education with high quality and is currently partnership with Kesmonds International University. It is recognized World-Wide including all the programs it is offering to the General Public. The university’s primary objective is to foster quality and solid higher education to Somalis. In the same vein, Green Hope University aims at providing solid and high quality education to its clients. The university offers Master and Bachelor Degrees and besides its main campuses in Mogadishu it has got various campuses across the country including Bardhere, Elwak and Beledweyne and Guriel campuses. 

JOB TITLE: Network Security/Network Engineer



A network security engineer does a multi-faceted occupation in the ever-growing cyber battlefront of a computer network. Out of their job spectrum following are the most important responsibilities performed by them:

  • Maintaining LAN, WLAN and architecture of the server as per the business policy
  • As a precautionary measure, analyze and implement new security protocols for greater efficiency against any threat or malfunctions
  • Implement a virus detection system beforehand for sound safety.
  • Resolving the existing security issue including hardware malfunctions
  • Tracking the vulnerable scripts  to avert the potential threats
  • Generating and maintaining the virtual private network, firewalls, web protocols and email security decorum.
  • Reporting the security analysis of findings
  • Maintaining the regulatory systems about ISMS policy (Information System Management Systems)
  • Investigations of Security breach alert
  • Developing the security authentication protocol
  • Maintaining server and switches
  • Maintaining & implementation of the SOP for Network security
  • Status reports of hardware and software products as per designated policies.
  • Supervising the installation of new software’s and hardware’s
  • Recommend modifications in legal, technical and regulatory areas that affect IT security.
  • Knowledge of performing routing protocols (MPLS, HAIPE/IP, QOS and WAN)
  • Monitoring of web security gateways, perimeter security, network access controls, endpoint security


  • Lecturing and class teaching
  • Assisting students in the computer lab
  • Attending university meetings
  • Participating in curriculum designing
  • Examining students
  • Organizing results an submitting to  exam departments
  • Assisting the department in planning and developing timetable
  • Organizing reading materials for the students
  • Supervising students and checking their educational development basing on semesters
  • Exam invigilation
  • Any other tasks that the university may request


  • Master degree in Network Security or relevant program from recognized university
  • Bachelor degree in Information Technology or relevant program from recognized university
  • At least two years of work experience in teachings of the same or related subjects
  • Diploma or certificate in Network security is most preferred
  • Practical skills in various computer software
  • Fluent in English language
  • Good communication and managerial skills


All the applicants who met the above qualifications and requirements must submit their application letter, CV and documents via the below given university addresses:


 DEADLINE: This job expires on 5st August, 2020