Green Hope University is a privately owned university with linkages within and outside the country and it is accredited and recognized by the ministry of education, culture and higher education .The university was established in 2006 based on the community needs for higher education with high quality and is currently partnership with Kesmonds International University. It is recognized World-Wide including all the programs it is offering to the General Public. The university’s primary objective is to foster quality and solid higher education to Somalis. In the same vein, Green Hope University aims at providing solid and high quality education to its clients. The university offers Master and Bachelor Degrees and besides its main campuses in Mogadishu it has got various campuses across the country including Bardhere, Elwak and Beledweyne and Guriel campuses. 

Green Hope University has now helped more than 907 who graduated from the university and have been employed both in private and public institutions. The feedback that we have received as an university is that those that have been employed are performing well in their institutions which bring credibility for the University. Green Hope University has the most professional and talented lecturers in the country capable to provide adequate skills and experiences that can help the students to compete the available jobs in the market.